That’s No Moon


Yesterday we had our second scan.


Things are progressing well and all the follicles are growing at a steady rate. I will let Nic go though the details of the actual scan as she is best placed to talk about the procedure. From my point of view it helped me feel more positive about this round. Everything was as it should be and that is all you can ask for. You can’t second guess what will happen or whether things are working or not, you can only look at each phase, one at a time. Egg collection is fast approaching, although we don’t know exactly when yet, and I am feeling calm, at ease and as prepared as I can be. I am still taking Androferti as a supplement to help increase my sperm quality and our acupuncturist wants to see me within the 48hrs prior to egg collection. I finally feel ready for this round and like I am in the right head space to help Nic as much as I can and be the support she needs.



Definitely feeling more positive after our last scan. The follicles looked quite a lot larger and more defined and had a lot of even size which means there’s been some steady growth. My endometrium is also pretty thick at around 10mm. My left ovary has definitely taken the lead this time, whereas the right was in charge last time! The only problem being, the left ovary is quite hard to get to, which makes scans pretty painful. I’m having regular acupuncture too, which I’m finding really beneficial. The day before the scan, my acupuncturist used moxibustion on me, a process of using a warm herb stick over acupuncture points. She did this over each ovary and it felt lovely.

I’m definitely feeling the side effects of the increase in Gonal F. My pelvic area feels very heavy and swollen, I am needing a wee more often, my moods are swinging wildly and my appetite and digestion are all over the place!

Yesterday, I hit a small vein when injecting my Gonal F. It’s very easy to do after 4 weeks of injecting; you’re constantly looking for a new spot on the tummy to inject! It was pretty sore and came up in a little lump and bled for a while. I’d just like to say to fellow IVF-ers don’t worry when this happens. Its pretty inevitable when you’re injecting for so long and for the latter part of the cycle on the long protocol doing at least 2 injections per day!


Our next scan is on Monday morning so we will blog with another update then.

Thanks for reading,

Tom and Nic


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