Partners In Crime

It was our third scan today. All the follicles are continuing to grow steadily. On the right side the big one is up to around 17mm and there are a couple of smaller ones tagging along. The left side follicles seem to be at an average of 14mm and all quite even, which is good. They were rather difficult to see though as Nic’s left ovary likes to hide. It was decided that plan A would be to have another scan on Wednesday and that Nic was to remain on a Gonal F dose of 300. Plan B would be based on the results of a blood test and they would ring us to let us know of any change, this is the point I left the room. One part of my roll as partner is to drive home after Nic has had a procedure and the last thing we needed was for both of us to feel nauseous.

After Nic had her blood test we sat in the waiting room while they sorted out her next set of medication. There were a few other people drifting in and out. There was a couple who looked very nervous, they were taken away by the consultant so I assumed they were here for their first consultation. There was a woman who had brought her mother along for support while she had whatever appointment she had. There was a woman who I had seen before, last time she was with another woman that I assume was her sister. They looked similar and spoke to each other like siblings rather than partners but this time she was alone. I honestly know nothing about these particular people or what their situations are but It made me think that I am very fortunate to be able to come to all of Nic’s scans. I want to be there for her every step of the way and I am really glad I can be. It must be really hard for those who can’t take their partners and it must be tough on the partners who are unable to make it. I would imagine that the main reason partners are not always present is due to work, especially on a week day like today. Recently I have been looking into information for partners about what it is like to go through this process but all I find are patronising articles telling you to do housework and “look after” your wife while she is emotionally unstable. I honestly think that if people understood more about what it is like for a partner then we would get more support that would in turn help us support our spouses as they get poked and prodded and suffer with mood swings.

I shall keep looking but if I can’t find anything I may just make it myself.

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One thought on “Partners In Crime

  1. I can honestly say I feel your emotional pain I have a daughter & son in law who have been through 3 unsuccessful ivf attempt & 1 ectopic 😢 I so feel for my son in law coz like me I feel so very helpless & I do so feel for u too I wish u all the very best 😊 for a positive outcome my daughter & her partner are now waiting to have a little op so will not got through treatment again for about 6 months but I do so pray they will be successful this time 😊 & I do so hope u r too xx

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