A Shot In The Dark


Today was day 15 of the stimulation process and our fourth scan. There were 4 large follicles above 17mm and my endometrium was over 11mm. At last we were given the go ahead to trigger tonight at 9:30pm, with egg collection taking place on Friday morning.

I felt an emotional release after this news. We’re at the point now where we’ve done everything we possibly can; the rest is down to science! I don’t feel nervous about the procedure, as I’m having a General Anaesthetic and I’ve had several before. I do feel a bit nervous about if the ICSI will work and if whatever eggs we get will fertilise. But there’s nothing either of us can do to affect that.


The trigger injection itself is very similar to the Gonal F injection. It comes in a single use pen and you have to administer the whole dose at a very specific time, as egg collection will take place exactly 35/36 hours afterwards. The trigger allows the eggs to mature and be ready for collection. I also had to do one final dose of buserelin. Tomorrow there are no injections; these 2 were the last ones for this cycle! Hoorah!


I think mostly, I’m feeling relieved that the end is in sight, whatever the outcome. If we fall pregnant, brilliant, it’s what we’ve been striving for, for almost 12 years. If we don’t, we have so many things we want to do as a couple. I’d like to change career. Tom has always wanted to make a feature film. I’d like to study more. So many things have been put on hold for so long in pursuit of one goal.

We had our final acupuncture sessions prior to collection this afternoon. I felt lots of vibration and very tingly throughout my body and very calm after the session. As I was having my session, I sent lots of positive, nurturing thoughts to my womb and ovaries. A few years ago, I would’ve laughed at these type of ideas, but through my studies in counselling and mindfulness, I’ve appreciated more how the mind can affect changes in the body. I feel confident both of us have given our all and I feel excited about whatever life has in store for us!


I feel very similar to Nic after today. I feel totally relaxed, peaceful and ready for whatever happens. I also had an acupuncture session today and I would highly recommend it to both partners going through IVF. Not only does it help with stress but it is something you can both experience together which is really important.

Today’s session was a little different to usual. I went in and had the normal “How are you?” conversation. I was then told that todays treatment would be “to help my side of things.” I wasn’t sure what that meant but I didn’t question it. So far I have just surrendered myself to acupuncture and let it do its thing. As it transpired, I had to lie face down and I had needles placed in my feet, ankles, legs and lower back. I was left alone to relax. Then something strange happened. Normally I just feel really relaxed while having acupuncture but I had never experienced the tingling sensation that Nic had talked about. As I lay there, I felt waves of energy move through my body. It was very odd and as I lie in bed writing this, I still don’t understand it or what it does. All I know is that it must be doing something, as I have mildly achy plums.

Thanks for reading,

Tom and Nic


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