The Fantastic Four

I was exhausted yesterday and fell asleep uncharacteristically early, probably due to the GA! I woke up around 7am. Last time we got the call about fertilisation about 8:15am, so I wanted to be up and prepared! So I got up to cuddle our bunnies with a cuppa and the phone to hand and waited…

And waited…

Then I waited some more…

It got to 10am. No news is good news? Or perhaps the embryologist is dreading calling with bad news? The second guessing was kicking in, which is pointless really!

At 10:20 the phone rang. It probably took a few microseconds for me to answer. I confirmed all my details and prepared myself for whatever was coming…

“So of your 9 eggs, 7 were mature for ICSI”

“OK” Thats not bad, I thought. But the next bit is the important bit. I held my breath…

“Of those 7, 4 have fertilised”


“So we’re looking at a 5 day transfer at the moment”

It’s a sentence I wasn’t sure I’d ever hear! I’m so happy with that result. I just hope they all keep growing and dividing. Unless there’s any change in the plan and some of the embryos are struggling, we’ll get called next on Tuesday for our instructions for transfer! The next few days is us time and we plan to relax and enjoy ourselves together. I think we’ve kinda earned it!

Thanks for reading,


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