The Easy Bit


When it comes to infertility, the male experience is rarely discussed, after all, men have The Easy Bit, right?

The Easy Bit is going to be a feature length documentary about the male perspective of fertility treatment. Ten men will talk openly and honestly about their experiences dealing with infertility and what it is like to go through fertility treatment. They will explain the process step by step, how it effects them and how it changed them personally.

At the end of last year Nic and I decided we would stop trying to conceive and put our Plan B into action. Plan B was a list of all the cool things that we would do as a couple or as individuals in a life without children. We tried to be positive but it was hard, probably the darkest time in my life. I needed something to focus on, I needed something positive to come out of our struggle and pain. I decided to make a documentary that would hopefully help others find an easier way through the ups and downs of fertility treatment.

The Easy Bit was born.

I decided that I wanted to highlight the male perspective of fertility treatment and what the process is like for us. I truly believe that if there was more understanding and support for the men in this process then that would have knock on effect and help them be able to support their partners a lot more effectively through the treatments. I started to work on a format for the film and to think of the best way to capture the emotion and true experience men go through. I was highly driven as I wanted at least some good to come from our unsuccessful story. I suppose at that time it was a way for me to cope with the grief of not having children.

Neither of us were prepared for the shocking twist of falling pregnant. It has completely changed our lives and I am sure it will again when our little girl is born. After we had shared the good news someone asked me if I was still going to make the documentary and there was no doubt in my mind that I would continue.

The Easy Bit is now in preproduction and we have our team in place to make the documentary. Our next step is to raise a budget to make the film, so we have created a Go Fund Me page. On the page you will find more information about the film, including a video of me talking about it, and why we need the money. All donations regardless of size are welcome and very much appreciated, if you can’t donate then please share¬†the link with as many people as you can.

You can find the page here

You can follow the film on twitter @The EasyBitDoc

Thank you for reading and any support you can give this project.